Infrared Himalayan Salt Sauna

30 MINUTES  $40 • 45 MINUTEs $50

Our Far Infrared, Low EMF Himalayan Salt Sauna is the best of two worlds. The infrared sauna delivers warming, healing heat without steam, up to 140 degrees. Filled with 40 pounds of Himalayan Salt bricks, you get the healing, rejuvenating, and relaxing benefits of the sauna in addition to the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt therapy. Himalayan salt is a negative ion thought to help reverse the effects of stress, anxiety, and inflammation. 

** Parental supervision and accompaniment is required for any person under age 16. Children under age 4 are not permitted in the sauna. Children 5-14 are permitted to sauna with a parent for no more than 15 minutes. This is a Far Infrared, Low EMF sauna. It DOES NOT generate heat that creates burns, which is the concern for children in traditional steam saunas. Post-Sauna, blood pressure decreases are normal, and in children can cause fainting so we limit the amount of time in the sauna to allow them to properly adjust their body temperature. 


Sauna + Deep Tissue Massage

90 MINUTES  $100 • 115 MINUTEs $110

Add a salt sauna to any massage session and save $10. Choose from a relaxing and therapeutic 30 minute salt sauna and a one hour deep tissue massage or a 45 minute salt sauna and a one hour deep tissue massage. Longer massage sessions available from 90 minutes to 120 minutes on request at an additional charge and booked in advance. (Sauna and Massage must be booked in advance and are subject to time availabilities). 

****** Preparation for Sauna Visit ******

Please be bathed and clean for all sauna visits. For sanitary reasons a Swimsuit must be worn in the sauna (one piece or bikini, NO thong wear). Robes, towels, and purified water will be provided to all sauna patrons complimentary during usage. Please place all used towels and robes in the proper laundry before leaving. 

All sauna patrons are required to read and sign a release of medical and usage liability before sauna use. 





For reservations or information:

Please contact us via email, phone, or text message to set up Sauna Appointment availability. Please contact our massage therapist for Sauna + Massage Appointment availability.